Fresh of of Tour in the Highlands of The UK in AUGUST 2011, The Scottish cities of Edinburgh & Glasgow Was Graced with 4 Appearances by Dj Rudie Rich. Kicking of at URBAN @ The Lane , EDINBURGH Rudie Graced Scotland on His 1st Night With a legendary set spinning The hottest New + Old School Dancehall Tracks in the Dancehall room with some of the most requested tracks on the night including UK Sensation STYLO.G Call Mi Yardie and Some Serious SIZZLA KOLONJI DUBPLATES Cause havoc in Edinburgh's BIGGEST & MOST ESTABLISHED Monthly (now twice monthly night) see images from the night Here. The 2nd leg was a short but swift set @ READY READY THURSDAY @ The Classic Grand Venue on Jamaica Avenue city centre high st, Glasgow, alongside Dj Cool Master (Resident dj) one of Glasgows hottest new names on the Club Dj Scene. The 3rd Leg of the TOUR Was an added show in GLASGOWS Plush Bath Street @ The Humming Bird Bar with its 4 Floors of Lush SURROUNDINGS including a vip Club Room (inside the club) with pool table the lot. Rudie again took to the Main Room and did a 4 Hour Old School Rnb / Funk Set (YEAH THATS RIGHT - 5 x Award winning djs don't make there name for playing one genre of music) Crowds rocked from start to finish. The Tour Ended on Bank Holiday Sunday back in Edinburgh for FEEL DA BASS - Bank Holiday Special. and although Feel da Bass have Toured the uk & across the seas as far as dubai and The Gambia which Rudie also Toured. This being the first ever Feel da Bass event in Scotland was a Huge Sucess to say that with local Competition of Edinburgh's biggest every Sunday RNB Night a stone thow away down the high street This party still rocked with The punters rolling in from 10.30pm - 4am @ Shanghai  Nightclub  This being Edinburgh's equivalent to one of londons top west end Premier nightclubs where you see the likes of Super models, premiership footballers , movie stars and so on... The night kicked of with 2 of Shanghai's resident djs then Glasgow's Dj Cool Master stepped in and warmed in a set , Followed By DJ RUDIE RICH playing this time a REQUESTED BY THE PROMOTER RNB SET, Rudie however cut his set short due to an occurring Sound system Error in the midst of his set and FEEL DA BASS Resident & founder dj So Fly finished the majority of the night with the assistance of Dj Cool Master (this guy gets proops all the way - Dj Cool Master a name to look out for in Scotland Playing Dancehall, & Hip Hop Beats). Well that was the end of the news for scotland. 
Rudie rich would like to say big up To Black Brotherz Family & Live n Xposed Mondays for the Pre Launch & Carnival Aftrer Party Special That took place on monday Bank holiday Aug 29th Footage is now up on Audio Page at www.rudierich.co.uk